Songwriter Melody Moon Reviews Episode 1

Episode One is 45+ minutes containing song performances and exclusive interviews featuring Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, and Brad Arnold (of 3 Doors Down).

Episode reviewed by Melody Moon | Songwriter | Austin, Texas

"What a great show! As a songwriter myself, I've always loved songwriters in the round the best. And what an incredible line up, some of my favorites for sure! I felt blessed getting to critique this show. It made me feel my gift again, and why I'm here on be a songwriter. Thank you for this opportunity, truly."

Song 1- 
"First off, Kenny Logins is one of my favorite singers, such a soft beautiful voice, and he has always had such a heartwarming delivery. I was a little disappointed Kenny Loggins didn't tell why he wrote the first song he sang, and what the song was about before he sang it, but of course such a beautiful song! Everything in life is about conviction of the heart to me...
It would have done the song more justice to know what it was about, such a beautiful subject of caring and saving mother earth. It was nice to hear how he liked to write, as a collaborator, and how the song
could become so much bigger in collaboration."

Song 2- 
"Richard Marx had this songwriting show down to a "T", he knew exactly what I wanted to hear. And I consider Marx to be one of the greatest love song writers of all time! I gained a lot of respect for Richard Marx hearing his honesty about songwriting. Saying how he wrote the song selfishly about missing someone so much, but of course that subject is universal and his song hit to amazing heights! He's got a great funny and clever wit too, great to learn this.

I loved what he had to say about the song, why he wrote it, and what the song was about. I've always loved this song, thought it was so beautifully written, and the melody is so simple and so amazing!

I also loved how he sang the song differently so you could really hear the emotion so much clearer, even though I've heard this song so many times. I loved his performance!! You could see such a beautiful
glow about him when he was done, and he thanked the audience with his heart, I could tell.
I got to see RM perform at a private party many years ago, I'm a hairdresser by day and one of my clients invited me to the party. I love how the universe gives us beautiful gifts like that!"

Song 3- 
"I've loved Brad Arnold's band 3 Doors Down songs from first hearing his first album years ago, I knew he was so gifted. The writing of the minor notes draws me in to his music as well.
Loved how he mentioned having to follow the legends Richard and Kenny..great and funny! And he so humbly paid homage to them, that was beautiful.
I thought he explained his song, but could have done it a little clearer. The song made it clear though... "

Song 4- 
"I thought Brad gave a good explanation of the meaning of the song. How home is where ever you are with your loved one, it's not about material things. Brad has such a unique voice as well, you can hear such meaning in it. He has a unique honesty in his songs, you can tell exactly who he is by his words. One of my friends actually drove for his band on tour many years ago, so I got to see them perform at a great venue in Austin, Tx. that is no longer here called The Back Yard. Great show!"

Song 5-
"Kenny Loggins got it down in his second song in the round. Great explanation of the collaboration and how the song transpired. He seems to be a songwriter such as John Denver writing about the beauty of nature in a lot of his songs. I liked how he sang the song differently than the original version, you could hear the meaning so much better. Sometimes I like when songwriter's do that. His
voice was so beautiful in singing this song!"

Song 6-
"I absolutely love how Richard Marx explains everything about songwriting so beautifully, that all songwriters are kindred Spirits, in feeling the sense of wonder in writing each new song, that is so true! For me when it's a special song written you can feel it, it connects you to God, and you know it's suppose to be written and heard by others. It's a deep feeling with the divine of this earth... And I loved how he said when he writes down his career status, he puts songwriter, I thought that was very profound to hear him say. Because without the song written, there can be no singer.
Such a gorgeous descriptive song of his love he is writing about. I wonder if that one was about his ex wife Cynthia Rhodes, or his new love Daisy Fuentes?
The Richard Marx clip- I absolutely loved hearing this!! How when you're young you want to be a rock star, and then it becomes more serious. He really had a focus on what he wanted to do at a young age, and did a demo and obviously got it to the right people (that's the hardest part!!) I couldn't imagine getting a call from Lionel Richie, what a gift, and what a validation of what he was suppose to do with his life,
though I know he already knew, and without fear followed his dream and path in life. That really meant a lot to me hearing him say, that's all he knew. Even at my age, it's all I know to me. I just never had the courage and know-how to pursue my songwriting dreams. But it's never too late, that's the main thing I got from this show, because I'm just like those three guys. Very inspirational show for me."

Song 7-
"Richard Marx did such a great job on his words on this song. It speaks to how fickle and judgmental the industry is, and don't open your heart to them. Keep your smarts and focus-- don't be a victim to them. So sad the music industry is this way to so many, only the strong survive!"

Song 8-
"Loved Brad's explanation of his last song, how we all need to be in this life- resilient! It's about how life kicks us down but we have to get back up. "

Song 9-
"Kenny's last song is a classic. Great song, very catchy. He didn't explain the song, and how it came about, which disappointed me again. It's easy to interpret the song, but in this setting it's nice to hear the explanation before the song.

Overall such a fantastic show. So glad I saw this on Facebook, what a great gift to watch this, it truly made my day!

Kenny Logins is a songwriting legend in the music industry, I loved hearing his songs. Richard Marx was fantastic in every way, perfect example for this songwriting round! He couldn't have done a better performance. I think Brad was a bit intimidated, but he did a great job in the songwriters round. I loved hearing each of their beautiful heart felt songs... Thanks again Legends and Lyrics!"

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