Mar 18, 17

Legends & Lyrics - downloadbale videos

Dear Legends & Lyrics Fans:

We will soon be releasing Legends & Lyrics episodes through downloadable videos that will be available for purchase.

Because of the high demand, and substantial fan interest, the first video available for purchase will be the Amy Lee episode from Season 2. This video will feature only performances by Amy Lee, lead singer and co-founder of Evanescence.

The video will include five (5) Legends & Lyrics performances by Amy including, "Bring Me To Life", "Good Enough", "Call Me When You're Sober", "Lithium" and the long awaited "Your Love". This video will also include interviews with Amy and some of her onstage commentary.

We are in the final stages of editing and website testing. We expect to announce the date when this video will be available for purchase, the price and website location within 30 days.

On an ongoing basis, we will announce the release of more Legends & Lyrics episodes featuring artists, and performances, from Season 1 and Season 2.


Legends & Lyrics