Mar 01, 16

Legends & Lyrics

Legends & Lyrics is a high quality television series featuring well known artists, performing their top hit songs and telling the unheard stories behind the music!

Each episode presents songwriters like Gordon Kennedy who co-wrote "I Can Change The World", recorded by Eric Clapton (and was the 1997 Grammy Song of the Year!). Gordon tells the story how he and his co-writers had given up on the song as unrecordable. Later they were surprised to find out Clapton had picked it up and even more surprosed when it recieved Grammy honors.

Randy Owen of Alabama (the most decorated country music group ever) tells how he sat at a dinner (white gloves and butlers) with the president of RCA Records. The president insisted there was no such word as "chert", which is a type of rock described within the lyrics of the Alabama super hit song "Mountain Music". Someone brought out a dictionary which proved Randy correct. Randy didn't say a word, not wanting to alienate the RCA executive. Two weeks later, the RCA president was fired (unrelated)!

Kris Kristofferson flew helicopters out to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs to supplement his income while trying to make it as a songwriter in Nashville.

These inside stories, (and many more) accompany the performances of each top hit songwriters on the Legends & Lyrics shows. The episodes are popular, compelling and completely filmed and ready to air with the above artists, plus Kenny Loggins, Charlie Daniels, Richard Marxx and many more!