Ray Stevens

Legendary Interview

Singer, composer, session player, producer and comedian Ray Stevens has written and released hit after hit throughout his career, including “Gitarzan,” “The Streak” and “Osama Yo’ Mama.” Stevens received multiple awards, including two Grammys, first for his 1970 hit “Everything is Beautiful” and in 1975 for his country version of the classic jazz song “Misty.” His multiple Gold and Platinum albums include He Think He’s Ray Stevens and Greatest Hits. Since 1980, he has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. He also released several #1 home videos, including Comedy Video Classics, the Billboard “Home Video of the Year”. Stevens also received several awards as a comedian, including the Country Weekly Golden Pick Award “Best Comedian” and multiple Music City News “Comedian of the Year” awards.

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