Dan Dyer

Discovering his musical voice in his late teens, Dan Dyer rose to prominence in the Austin, TX during the late 90s as frontman of the much heralded rock outfit, Breedlove. For his debut solo album Of What Lies Beneath, (2004) Dyer headed to New York City and Miami to collaborate with veteran rock legend Lenny Kravitz, who produced and released the record on Kravitz’s own Reprise imprint label, Roxie Records. Dyer then returned to Austin, his musical birthplace, to record and release his 2008 self –titled album, a soul-revivalist recording produce by David Boyle in an old snake-chamber church turned studio on the east side of Austin, and released by vocal label Fat Caddy Records. Dan Dyer was named one of the top 10 local albums of 2008 by both the Austin American Statesman and The Austin Chronicle.

Dyer’s voice and live performance intensity are raw and hot, yet soulful and sensitive, drawing from a wealth of classic soul, blues, folk, and R&B legends. The audience is treated to a special brand of commotion as Dyer switches from piano to guitar, sometimes performing with a boyish grin, and other times with a perspiring concentration. Whether in an acoustic listening room playing to an intimate audience, or in front of thousands at a music festival, Dyer’s onstage magnetism continues to draw in fans from all walks of life.

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